How is vape juice made?

You might be familiar with electronic cigarettes, but perhaps
less aware of vape juice. Vape juice is the soul of electronic
cigarettes, and today we will briefly introduce it. Currently, there are more than 8,000 flavors of vape juice,
ranging from various fruits to coffee, bread, and toast.
As long as you can think of, there is probably a corresponding
vape juice.

1. Ingredients of smoke oil. The ingredients of e-liquid are actually very simple, with only four types: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and food essence.

Propylene glycol is a common drug and food additive. It is hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless, odorless and transparent, with good fluidity. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines PG as "generally safe for humans." As one of the basic components of e-cigarette oil, PG's main function is to serve as a carrier of flavors and enhance the taste of e-cigarette oil. After heating, it will produce a small amount of mist and have a certain throat hit.

Vegetable glycerin, like PG, is also a raw material widely used in daily life. If you observe carefully, you will find that the ingredients marked on the packaging of many snacks include "propylene glycol and glycerol". Especially people who like to eat sweets consume a lot of VG. Because most snacks such as cakes and desserts contain VG. The main role of VG in e-liquid is to generate mist. VG will produce a large amount of mist after heating. Generally, if you want to increase the amount of smoke, you can get the desired effect by directly adding a large amount of VG. VG is highly hygroscopic and very viscous. If the fluidity of an e-liquid is very poor, it must have a higher proportion of VG. The smoke of this e-liquid is very large, but the flavor is slightly worse and the throat hit is slightly weaker.

Nicotine, as we all know, is the main ingredient in tobacco and the main reason why many people smoke. In addition to easing cravings, nicotine also produces a unique throat hit that many smokers enjoy.

However, since pure nicotine will be toxic when it comes into contact with the skin, it is generally dissolved in VG (vegetable glycerin) in e-cigarette oil. This can not only ensure the volatility of nicotine, but also avoid the risks caused by direct contact with the skin. At the same time, vegetable glycerin is also one of the main components of e-cigarette oil. It can help stabilize the nicotine solution, making the smoke softer and not irritating the throat. And edible flavors are the soul of e-liquid, which determines the flavor of e-liquid. Generally, e-liquids with unique flavors will have more complex flavor formulas.

2. Production process. There are generally two ways to make e-liquid, one is a measuring tool and the other is an electronic scale. The difference between them is whether the measurement unit is capacity or weight. Today I will introduce to you how to use an electronic scale to prepare e-liquid.

First, add the VG solution of nicotine in a special vessel. Since nicotine is very viscous and tends to sink to the bottom during the preparation process, remember to shake it for a while before adding it.Then, add essence, PG and VG to the vessel in sequence.

The proportion of the above four ingredients, except for trace amounts of nicotine, normally accounts for 10%-15% of essence. The ratio of PG and VG is adjusted according to actual needs. If there is more PG, there will be a stronger throat hit and lighter smoke. VG is just the opposite. Friends who like big smoke will choose e-liquid with more VG, while small ones will Most cigarettes will use a 5:5 ratio to take into account both the throat hit and the amount of smoke.

After pouring all the four raw materials in, they are obviously divided into 4 layers because of their different specific gravity.

At this time, you need to shake them to fully combine them. After shaking, it needs to rest to achieve the best effect.

At this time, the e-liquid is finished!

Although the production process of e-liquid is relatively simple, it is difficult to accurately control the proportion of flavors to meet different taste needs. In fact, the flavors in e-liquids are divided into top notes and base notes like perfumes.

However, e-liquids with complex tastes will have a mixture of flavors with multiple ingredients, and it takes constant trial and error to find the right ratio.

For example, the following fragrances are divided into seven categories: top note 1, top note 2, middle note, secondary note 1, secondary note 2, base note 1, and base note 2.

3. Precautions E-liquid preparation seems simple and requires only conventional tools, but it requires sufficient professional knowledge. In order to prepare an e-liquid with "appropriate smoke", "good entrance", "enough to hit the throat" and "not choking the nose", the ratio of PG and VG, the form of nicotine, and the selection and proportion of flavors are all crucial. Only by mastering these key elements can you prepare satisfactory e-liquid. There are many professional considerations in the preparation of e-cigarette liquid, and the entire preparation process involves the mixing of multiple ingredients and precise control of proportions. Therefore, it is not recommended to prepare your own e-liquid at home. Only by choosing professionally prepared e-liquid can you ensure your health and safety. At the same time, you should also pay attention to choosing reputable e-liquid brands and sales channels to avoid buying fake and shoddy e-liquid products.

In China, there are several well-known e-liquid factories, such as IPURE, HONGFU, HENGXIN and U-GREEN, etc. VAPOKISS's factories have cooperated with these factories, so our factory can manage the step of preparing e-liquid for OEM or ODM customers. In addition to preparing e-liquid for OEM/OMD customers, we can also help these customers complete the following tasks:
1. Establish new product molds
2. Packaging design
3. Packaging plastic bag design
4.Production samples
5. Test samples
6. Quality testing before shipment of large goods
7. Transportation

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