It’s not serious. Since the product is a disposable product, disposable e-cigarettes are destined to have small profits but quick turnover.
The main reasons for the price difference are the brand positioning and the different materials and processes used in the products.
Overmore, the battery part has the highest cost. The battery of a disposable e-cigarette is equivalent to the engine of a car and has the highest cost in the entire structure.

To distinguish between e-liquid and bad e-liquid, you can look at the color and smell the aroma. Normal e-liquid is transparent, clear, and free of impurities. The aroma should match the labeled flavor name. Bad e-liquid is black, cloudy, and has impurities. The aroma may not match the labeled flavor name and may have an unpleasant odor.
1.Buy e-liquid from a reputable retailer.
2.Read the label carefully to make sure the e-liquid contains only safe ingredients.
3.Avoid e-liquid with a dark color, cloudy appearance, or unpleasant aroma.

It is not possible to make e-liquid at home.
Here are some of the reasons why it is not recommended to make e-liquid at home:
1. Safety: The ingredients in e-liquid can be dangerous if not handled properly.
2. Quality: It is difficult to achieve the same quality of e-liquid at home as that produced by a professional manufacturer.
3. Regulations: In some countries, it is illegal to make e-liquid at home.
If you are interested in making e-liquid, it is best to purchase it from a reputable manufacturer.

The battery needs to be used up first in a disposable e-cigarette.
The battery powers the heating element, which vaporizes the e-liquid.
If the e-liquid is used up first, and there is still electricity, the heating element will continue to heat up, which can cause the e-liquid to burn.
To avoid burnt taste, it is important to use the disposable e-cigarette until the battery is completely drained.

It can be used at any normal ambient temperature, but it cannot be used at high temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius or low temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius. Because the battery cannot withstand this temperature, the heating coil cannot work in a low-temperature state, and the battery may burn or explode in a high-temperature state.

1. The working loss of the heating coil and battery leads to a decrease in power during atomization, which cannot better atomize the e-liquid. 2. The product has been stored for too long, causing the e-liquid to start to solidify. As the vaporization temperature rises, the e-liquid starts to melt and become thinner, so the taste becomes better and better.

No, in this case, you can only ask the merchant to replace it, or repurchase it.

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