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     On April 14th, the organizers announced the cancellation of the electronic cigarette exhibition that was scheduled to be held on May 6th-7th in Kazan, Russia, causing widespread attention and discussion within the industry.


The Kazan Electronic Cigarette Exhibition is one of the largest electronic cigarette industry events in Russia. Since its successful first exhibition in 2015, it has become one of the most influential exhibitions in the electronic cigarette industry. The exhibition brings together exhibitors and professionals from all over the world, showcasing the latest electronic cigarette products, technologies, and equipment, attracting a large number of electronic cigarette enthusiasts and industry professionals for visits and exchanges.

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However, the organization of the Kazan Electronic Cigarette Exhibition has encountered obstacles due to the impact of the pandemic and policy factors. Currently, the Russian government is increasingly strict on the regulation of the electronic cigarette industry, with restrictions on electronic cigarette products and advertising becoming more stringent. Additionally, the need for pandemic prevention and control makes it challenging to hold such large-scale exhibitions.

For exhibitors, it is essential to be well prepared and take precautions. Firstly, they need to timely understand current policies and regulations to ensure that their products and advertising comply with relevant regulations and avoid violating rules. Secondly, they need to carefully evaluate the risks and benefits of participating in the exhibition, make budget and plans, and ensure their exhibition actions are safe and reliable. Finally, they need to strictly abide by pandemic prevention and control measures to ensure health and safety during the exhibition, protecting their and others' lives and health.

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In summary, although the Kazan Electronic Cigarette Exhibition has been canceled, the development momentum of the electronic cigarette industry is still strong. We believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, this industry will definitely usher in a more prosperous tomorrow. Dongguan Anyun Technology will continue to represent the industry's factories, adhere to the principle of compliant operations and healthy development, and contribute to the export of Chinese electronic cigarettes. Meanwhile, we will ensure that the vapokiss brand will continue to make efforts in the market, including Russia, and adhere to compliance, achieving greater success. It is worth noting that the Moscow exhibition, originally scheduled for this month on the 29th and 30th, will continue as usual, and vapokiss has not received any news of its cancellation. We welcome wholesalers and distributors to visit our exhibition booth to discuss.

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Our booth number is 145. For specific details, please see here.

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