Carrefour in Europe also sells disposable vaping products?

According to Spanish media Okdiario, the large supermarket chain Carrefour has started selling vaping products in some areas of Spain. This is the first supermarket chain to enter the Spanish e-nebuliser market.
The flavours Carrefour sells in its shops include mango, banana, apple, forest fruit, mint and watermelon. And Carrefour sells for roughly €9.95.
All are compliant disposable, 2ML,600 puffs mainly, and it is also evident that in the European market, large KA channels take compliance very seriously.
Spain, as a large market in Europe after the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, the attention has been very high, but also a representative of the southern European market. The number of vaper has reached 2.4 million, accounting for 5% of the total population.
At present measures, Spain is mostly sold by way of tobacco shops. Including many Chinese companies are also expanding such a channel, began to cooperate with local tobacco distributors in Spain. Even the Spanish National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC) has said that cigarette shops have a monopoly on e-atomisation sales.
Spain is also currently expanding its tobacco shops to the e-atomisation market. This is because the body, chaired by Cani Fernández, has submitted a series of considerations on the Tobacco Market Bill and other preparatory bills on related products, which seek to extend the monopoly of cigarette shops to the sale of e-atomisation. This includes the idea of restricting the sale of e-atomisation in Spain to specialised channels through a licensing system, and there is also a proposed proposal to ban and close down all e-atomisers in Spain and only allow sales in tobacco shops.
In addition, the CNMC believes that the regulatory model for cigarettes should not be applied to e-atomisation.
In fact, some Spanish pharmacies started selling disposables a few months ago, both in-store and online. Furthermore, vending machines, for example, have also joined the trend, and now supermarkets are also selling them.
From this point of view, the Spanish electronic atomization sales channels are also accelerating the opening up.

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