Russia Federal may ban the e-cigarette

As a representative of the Vapokiss e-cigarette factory, I would like to discuss the recent regulations issued by the Russian Federal Commission regarding the ban on flavored e-cigarettes and the implementation of honest tax labeling.

First, let us discuss the flavored e-cigarette ban. As a responsible e-cigarette manufacturer, we fully support the commission's decision to ban flavored e-cigarettes. At Vapokiss, we have always believed that the safety and health of our customers are of the utmost importance. We understand that flavored e-cigarettes can attract younger people, and we do not want to promote e-cigarette use among minors.

Furthermore, we believe that the ban on flavored e-cigarettes will also encourage adult smokers to switch to unflavored e-cigarettes, which may be more effective in helping them quit smoking. As a result, we are working on expanding our range of unflavored e-cigarette products to meet the needs of adult smokers who want to quit.

In addition to the flavored e-cigarette ban, the commission has also implemented regulations for honest tax labeling. We are fully committed to complying with these regulations and have already made the necessary changes to our packaging and labeling.

Honest tax labeling ensures that consumers are fully aware of the tax they are paying on each product. This helps to prevent tax evasion and ensures that our customers are paying the correct amount of tax. At Vapokiss, we believe in transparency and honesty, and we are proud to comply with these regulations.

In conclusion, as a responsible e-cigarette manufacturer, Vapokiss fully supports the Russian Federal Commission's regulations on flavored e-cigarette bans and honest tax labeling. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, safe, and transparent e-cigarette products that comply with all relevant regulations.

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