The latest Latin American research report: e-cigarettes are still a lower-risk alternative to traditional tobacco.

Elcaribe reported on the 19th that the latest report by the Latin American Reduction of Tobacco Harm Network (RELDAT) reiterated the view that e-cigarettes are clearly safer than traditional cigarettes in terms of health risks.

RELDAT is composed of medical professionals from Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and other countries who are committed to successfully implementing policies to reduce harm related to smoking.

The report stated that e-cigarettes are significantly safer than traditional cigarettes, and although not completely harmless, they provide adult smokers with a lower-risk alternative.

The report explained that the "vapor" produced by e-cigarettes contains only about 1-2% of the compounds known to be in tobacco smoke, and is significantly less toxic than traditional cigarettes.

Roberto Sussman, a researcher from Mexico, pointed out that compared to the combustion process, the "vapor" produced by e-cigarettes has significantly lower complexity and toxicity. This is because e-cigarettes produce "vapor" by heating a liquid mixture (including propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine, water, and flavorings) rather than burning it, with a temperature much lower than the combustion process (180-270 degrees Celsius). The "vapor" particles from e-cigarettes are liquid droplets, with very low toxicity in their chemical composition.

The report by RELDAT also discussed the role of e-cigarettes in adult smokers who continue to smoke. They emphasized that although most Latin American countries' healthcare systems do not provide alternative options for smokers, this situation will change in the future. At the same time, even if these alternative options are available, smokers have long used e-cigarette devices with nicotine supplies as part of a harm reduction strategy.

The authors of the report, doctors, recommended that experts and health associations responsible for developing public health policies related to smoking should step out of their comfort zones and make decisions based on scientific evidence, always prioritizing the interests of patients, especially smokers. They should actively explore and research new tobacco control strategies, including promoting the use of new tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, to help smokers reduce their health risks.

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