The President of Philip Morris Spain seeks to meet with the Minister of Health to support new tobacco control and the development of alternatives.

The President of Philip Morris Spain, Daniel Cuevas, wishes to meet with the new Minister of Health, Mónica García, to enhance prevention measures against tobacco, particularly its impact on minors. He supports strengthening regulations on new tobacco products, such as heated tobacco and e-cigarettes. He recognizes that the commercialization and taxation of these products have not yet met expectations. He further emphasizes the importance of managing the packaging, flavors, and sales channels of these new products to ensure they do not fall into the hands of minors.
Cuevas particularly points out that while e-cigarettes may be a better alternative to tobacco, they still require regulation. He advocates managing the appeal of these products, including their packaging, graphics, and flavors that are attractive to minors. Additionally, he emphasizes that strict age verification should be implemented for nicotine products to ensure that only adults can purchase them.
Regarding the Minister of Health's first comments on tobacco-related issues, the President of Philip Morris Spain expressed his belief that protecting public health as a primary goal is reasonable and expected. He said that they agree with the Minister's emphasis on basing decisions on scientific evidence.
Cuevas emphasizes their willingness to actively participate in relevant dialogues and promote solutions to protect non-smokers and prevent smoking among minors. He also suggests studying air quality in public places, such as restaurant terraces, to target restrictions on tobacco products.
Cuevas believes that if independent research, such as that conducted by Spanish universities, concludes that nicotine products cause damage to air quality, they will fully support greater restrictions. He also emphasizes that according to their understanding, e-cigarettes and heated tobacco do not generate secondhand smoke and have no impact on non-smokers.
Finally, Cuevas said that as a company, they are keen on eliminating the worst nicotine products and moving towards better alternatives that do not involve combustion. He expressed his confidence that public health workers will ultimately recognize that countries like Sweden, which have implemented prevention policies and smoking cessation policies, as well as supported the development of better alternatives, are leading the way globally.

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